Tactipup is an eCommerce business specializing in over-built dog gear, including collars, leashes, and harnesses. An American-owned and -based company, Tactipup also sells patriotic (and branded) apparel and patches.

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Before partnering with Webholik Media, Tactipup managed its paid social and paid search efforts in house. But, as their business grew, so did their responsibilities — and they knew they needed expert hands to manage their marketing.

With a goal of continuing their growth and scaling their accounts, Inflow dove in with an integrated paid social and search strategy designed to drive results.

The Challenge

Paid Social Advertising

Prior to the iOS 14.5 update in spring of 2022, Tactipup’s paid social campaigns were driving traffic and sales at impressive numbers. But, when the privacy update limited Facebook’s marketing efficiency, we knew our strategies needed to change — and fast.

Our team’s job: Understand the new landscape and identify improved opportunities for social revenue growth.

The Solution

To combat these iOS challenges, our team focused on tackling the biggest inefficiencies — and, therefore, areas of opportunities — first:

  • Set the stage for improved Facebook audience efficiency through:
      • Stacking audiences instead of segmenting
      • Expanding funnel-stage targeting to draw in more traffic earlier in the purchase journey
  • Consolidated existing ad sets to maximize our budget and Facebook’s machine learning capabilities
  • Balanced retargeting and prospecting efforts to analyze and identify best-performing customer funnel stages


With Inflow’s help, Tactipup is now seeing results that surpass pre-iOS-14 levels:

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The Challenge

Paid Social Advertising

Before hiring Webholik Media as its agency, Tactipup had been running a small number of automated Google Ads campaigns. But, without proper Google Analytics tracking, those efforts were doomed to fail.

Our team was tasked with developing Tactipup’s PPC strategy and campaigns from scratch — including proving the growth opportunities we knew existed.

The Solution

After enabling the Analytics tracking needed to inform our efforts, our team got to work:

  • Built and optimized product data feed to launch new Shopping campaigns
  • Employed a mix of Smart and tiered Shopping systems to maximize test budget
  • Emphasized and optimized mobile campaigns to profit off the short buying journey
  • Analyzed conversion paths’ overlap with paid social and optimized for multi-channel success


With the benefit of an unlimited budget and Tactipup’s trust, our team rapidly scaled their accounts’ growth:

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A Glimpse At The Ad Copies.

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Tactipup is an eCommerce business specializing in over-built dog gear, including collars,

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