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Pay-Per-Click Marketing Case Study

Key Accomplishments:

  • Generating 70+ leads per month
  • Implemented an automated lead follow-up system
  • Optimized bidding strategies to obtain the lowest possible cost per lead in the Nanaimo market

The Problem

What they started with

The client was already quite established in the community as a leading realtor, but they lacked a scalable lead generation process to help fill their sales pipeline and keep their team selling homes. The client was running their own Google PPC Ads, but after spending a fair bit of money with no return, they decided to get a Google Certified professional to help them with their real estate lead generation needs.

The Solution

What we implemented

Once contracted, Webholik Media performed a deep dive into the client’s existing PPC advertising account. We identified that the client was paying for a significant amount of traffic that did not have high intent, or in some cases, not relevant at all to the clients offering. This was essentially flushing the client’s marketing budget down the toilet.

Our goal is to get traffic to client’s website who are people looking to buy a home at some point in the near future. We want them to sign up to the website and continue to browse real estate on the client’s website. Once they sign up, they become a new lead that the real estate sales team follows up with.

We deeply analyzed the client’s service area and created a new Google Ads campaign, set up to target all of the most commonly searched real estate phrases. We used conservative bidding strategies to help get the most efficient cost per lead. Our work resulted in 135 leads in the first month of service.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Once the lead has registered on the website, we set up an automated follow up system that keeps in contact with the lead via email and text message for 365 days after sign up. This ensures that the leads are being nurtured and that the client’s brand is top of mind not just when the user signs up, but up to a year later.

The Results

What we accomplished

  • 135 real estate buyer leads generated in the first month
  • Generating around 75 leads per month on average
  • Implemented automated lead follow up system.
  • Helping the client stay top of mind up to 365 days after a lead signs up to website

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