Why your executive team should be on LinkedIn

Is your team on Linkedin?

Encouraging your executives and C-suite to be active on the platform will not only boost their individual profiles but will also have a great impact on the image of your company.

With so many business professionals using LinkedIn to network, make decisions and share industry-related content, being present is incredibly important.

45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management and 91% of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content. With statistics like this, now is the time to encourage your executive team to become active on the platform.

Still need convincing? These are some of the benefits of getting your team LinkedIn savvy!

Attract Talent

Your executive team are prime profile viewing targets.

This means that their profiles, the quality of their content, and the way they present themselves will heavily influence the opinion formed of your company.

This includes possible leads, talent acquisition, and even competitors. Your executive team needs to be putting their best foot forward to ensure that your company is always seen in the best light possible.

Humanise Your Brand

Providing a human element to your business should never be overlooked. It’s important to humanise your brand, especially in the corporate world. When you show you are a business run by real and passionate people, not just a faceless corporation, you attract genuine business relationships.


The right LinkedIn content strategy has the potential to elevate your profile to thought-leader status. This can shape the perception of that executive’s personal brand, which in turn would also change the way your company is seen by others in the industry. With the right strategy, you can quickly become known amongst the community, leading to more lead generation and interest from those in the industry.


Posting valuable content regularly can inspire the rest of the team, the wider business community, and others in the industry.

Providing this content and support as an executive will only paint your business in a positive light, opening the door for people to reach out with the possibility of creating working relationships.

Promote Others

Your executives can use the LinkedIn platform to promote exciting initiatives within the business, introduce team members, or create interest around special events. This is an excellent way to utilise the platform for your own gain.

Once your executives have cemented themselves as thought-leaders, they can use their larger audience to promote exciting aspects of your business. This can help you cut through the noise and stand out amongst even the fiercest competition.

Build Trust

Building trust with your audience and community is more important than ever, and having a solid profile is an easy way to enhance your trustworthiness. Being active and engaging on the platform can help boost your reputation as a forward-thinking and reliable company, making you an attractive prospect for potential clients.

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